Customer Satisfaction

Vista Outreach Professionals Strive to Be Valued By and Earn the Respect of School District Personnel

Educating students with autism can be difficult and teacher burnout is common.  Vista Outreach Services aims to help alleviate the challenges associated with teaching students with autism by promoting more effective teaching and learning experiences for teachers and students.  We believe achieving these aims will produce high levels of customer satisfaction. 

Vista’s goal is to become a reliable, dependable, and valued “go to” resource for school district teaching staff.  To help ensure we do not lose sight of this goal, Vista Outreach Services distributes anonymous surveys annually to the school district teachers we support.  Our annual survey solicits feedback on our performance in the following areas:

  • Timely provision of special education documentation (e.g., IEPs and progress notes)
  • Focus on improving student performance
  • Ability to solve problems and improve classroom situations
  • Respectful, courteous, and responsive communication
  • Collaborative approach to problem-solving
  • Solicitation of feedback from teachers, staff, and, when appropriate, parents
  • Responsiveness to concerns
  • Predictable scheduling support services with teaching staff

Possible responses on the survey are never, rarely, sometimes, consistently, and above and beyond.  The following graph illustrates percentage of results by category receiving consistently, and above and beyond ratings:

Teacher Satisfaction Chart

The following graph illustrates the percentage of consistently and above and beyond ratings awarded by teaching staff for the school years 2011-2012 through 2015-2016.

Teacher Satisfaction Chart

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